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Super Size Veggies

New stuff

One of the most exciting part of traveling is going to supermarket. Because it’s the place you can really feel that you are in a foreign country. So we went to supermarket with a camera :P  It was not so difficult to find them and most of them were very big inside.
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About the Vegetable Cage

Since we’ve got in Canada, we are not only the morning person but also the night person. In another word, we don’t sleep at all. It’s not because we’ve got a energizer super power with the total eclipse but because of our lovely holiday house. OK, OK, let’s be honest. It’s sorry to say a house, more like a rabbit cage. But as we’ve put the potato and cucumber in it, let’s say it’s a vegetable cage. However, I don’t care the size to sleep, I don’t use two room to sleep anyway. Then why we don’t sleep? It’s because of the dream.

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Curious Veggies


Morning Person

That was not true.
I expected to have a long and good sleep on the real bed after 7 days sleeping bag life. But I didn’t know the jet lag is much stronger than the tiredness.
I woke up 4 in the morning so tried to sleep more. But eventually, I saw the sun rising and the clock in front of my bed showed correctly every hour. KiKi resisted a little longer than me but he also started to work at 7 in the morning.
So we became morning person even though we didn’t really want to be.

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Flying Veggies

Sleepy stuff

It’s Cucumber and Potato’s pot changing day. After long planting in Switzerland for 5 years, we start to get curious about another land. With no much thinking, we decided to go to the other continent, America. For me, potato, as it is the first time to go this land, I expected that I would be super excited on the departure day. But…our train was too early in the morning after raining Festi’Neuch and the sleeping-on-the-cold-hard-floor-with-sleeping-bag gave me strong back pain and a cold heart. So we were excited somewhere very hidden place in the mind but we couldn’t express it with our physical condition.

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