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My first day at school

Following my recent time travel, today was my first day of school ! I guess I did pretty good at the exam because I am in class number 1. I don’t understand a single word when the teacher talk to me. So that must mean that’s a top level class, right ? What else “class level 1” could mean anyway ? :D
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Moving in is usually no small task as it implies moving out and in at the same time. However in our case we moved out more than three months ago and didn’t actually moved in until very recently. So we had plenty of time in between to have a rest. A much needed rest as both moving were exhausting but in different ways. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

A few days ago we went a few days away from home. We took that opportunity to change our bedroom’s (very) old carpet. So we had minimal disturbance while the guys worked at our place. By minimal disturbance, I mean we didn’t suffer from dust when they polished. But we still had to move our entire room in the living room. Awesome stuff to make a new stop-motion (gotta love them). So here we go, three days of hard work (one day to move out and two days to move in):