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Silent disco

Later on Saturday, after soju and lions, we went to eat some noodle soup (I still can’t believe you pay 4 bucks for so much food). And for a good digestion we played in arcade room, where Luna has the annoying habit to last longer than me in Time Crisis. Shame on me. But after we ran out of money, we went back to the streets and came across a silent disco right in front of us. Way to cool, not to join them. Here is a short video. You must enable sound to really enjoy that video.

Streets, soju and lions


This saturday we went to Seoul Open Night. An event to promote downtown activities. There is an area with traditional house filled with ateliers. So we headed there, walking in the street around midday was a pretty bad idea considering the heat. Since we didn’t find our goal directly, we walked around and I probably sweat 2-3 liters before we got the atelier.
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