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SmackSoft live at Pentaport Festival

This saturday we went to Pentaport Festival. It was my first Korean festival. Although Luna swore not all festivals are like that, there were seats in front of the scene. They were actually quite far so even though we sat on the first row we probably were 5 meters from artists. That was a shame, because we obviously couldn’t stand up in front of other people and I guess it didn’t help the ambiance. Anyway most people were probably over 40 years old. Honestly that looked pretty weird, there were no even a single food shop !
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With summer comes the NIFFF. For the third consecutive year we will spent most of our time watching movies at the very beginning of July. That will be 28 movies in 6 days. Here is our plan, so if anybody is interested feel free to join us for one or two shows.

NIFFF timetable

NIFFF timetable

Blue area are movies we intend to see and pink circles are reserved movies we definitely will watch.