With summer comes the NIFFF. For the third consecutive year we will spent most of our time watching movies at the very beginning of July. That will be 28 movies in 6 days. Here is our plan, so if anybody is interested feel free to join us for one or two shows.

NIFFF timetable

NIFFF timetable

Blue area are movies we intend to see and pink circles are reserved movies we definitely will watch.

4 thoughts on “NIFFF

  1. KiKi Post author

    Seen so far:
    Moon – Great space, slow paced, movie (nice OST as well)
    Euoperan shorts – Not as good as last year, but “how to kill your wife with scrable” definitely worth
    Franklyn – Good graphic style, but slow rythm and a story a bit too quickly written
    Tears for sale – Really good imagination and graphic style. Fun and funny even though the end tends too be slightly less interesting
    Coffin rock – Another slow paced movie. It was ok
    Cold prey 2 – Classical slasher movie but really well done and efficient

  2. KiKi Post author

    Queens of Langkasuka – Unlikely mix of Star Wars, Free Willy and Pirates of the Caribbean. Overall an epic, entertaining adventure (even though it may have been better cut)
    Grace – How to wipe out any maternity will. Tense thriller. A good surprise.
    Antichrist – Shocking movie with awesome scenery and photo but terrible subject. May be seen as basic slasher who tried to get public’s attention with an extra portion of sex, or an incredible movie full of symbolic and a dramatic message about human nature. For me it was the latest.
    Mary and max – Imaginative claymotion. Somewhow reminded me of Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amelie Poulain, slightly less romantic though, but more comic
    Infestation – Classical giant bugs invasion strongly comedy oriented. Had a good laugh.

  3. KiKi Post author

    Swiss shorts – Some extremely boring, but some worth watching, “Deja” for instance
    The Handsome Suit – Quite funny movie even though that would have been better without the cheesy ending
    Cyborg She – When My Sassy Girl meets Gunm, some good stuff but ending quite messed up
    The Skycrawlers – The biggest disappointment of the whole festival, expecting much from Ghost In The Shell’s author. But he could hardly set the story in two hours, let alone develop it
    Sauna – Hell in Sweden swamp, good ambiance and costumes
    Rahthree reborn – Freaky Thai ghost and weird comic scene, would have probably been better without funny scenes

    Infestation – Cool giant bugs movie, nice OST, funny and even worth a second watch
    Fish Story – Punk song based movie. Low budget but good ideads, was fun
    Barbe Bleue – Low budget, french movie. Quite tasteless for me
    Connected – Remake of American Cellular. For once the remake is better than original one
    Crank 2: High Voltage – Super fast paced 100% action movie, Sex Drugs and Rock’n’roll !
    Dead Snow – Gore slasher with Nazis zombies, the chainsaw scene is a must see

    – Horror movie ? not sure what it was… not sure i understood anything right… maybe was too early in the morning
    Tormented – Probably missed the point with this movie. It could have been better slasher for bullies, instead it is quite forgettable
    The Forbidden Doors – Quite ok movie, but wouldn’t watch it again
    The Good, The Bad, The Weird – My first Western Noodle from South Korea. 100% action with impressive stunts all around

  4. KiKi Post author

    Overall that was a nice festival. My favorite movies would probably be:

    • Moon
    • Infestation
    • Fish Story
    • Tear for Sales
    • (Antichrist ?)

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