Install Windows XP Korean from USB

This tutorial to install Windows XP Korean from USB key is highly inspired by Roderick’s post. The main difference (apart minor fixes) is we have to fix the encoding issue with non-Latin Windows (Korean, Japanese or Chinese).

What is needed

Step by step

  1. Make sure your USB device is bootable, if not use HP Drive Key Boot Utility
  2. Install BartPE in d:\pebuilder3110a\
  3. Unpack and copy necessary file from Windows 2003 Server Service Pack
    WindowsServer2003-KB889101-SP1-x86-ENU.exe -x:d:\win2003svrsp1
    mkdir d:\pebuilder\srsp1
    copy d:\win2003svrsp1\i386\setupldr.bin d:\pebuilder3110a\srsp1
    expand -r d:\win2003svrsp1\i386\ramdisk.sy_ d:\pebuilder3110a\srsp1
  4. Copy Windows XP English to d:\pebuilder3110a\xpeng
  5. Run Pe Builder, configure and build as follow:
  6. Create your USB key, using the following: C:\pebuilder3110a\pe2usb.bat -f YOUR_USB_KEY_DRIVE:
  7. Copy the Windows XP Korean setup files to the USB drive (or another USB device if you have insufficient space left). You’ll only need the i386 folder.
  8. Boot on the key, it should boot BartPE
  9. Optionnally prepare harddisk with DiskPart for disk partitioning and A43 File Manager for formatting.
  10. Start install process with:
  11. D:\i386\winnt32.exe /syspart:C: /tempdrive:C: /makelocalsource
  12. Proceed with the installation. When asked to convert the installation volume to NTFS, answer No. The setup program incorrectly believes that your USB drive (which is formatted as FAT) needs conversion.

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  1. Sidonie

    Ouais, ben c’était pas le truc le plus rigolo que j’ai lu sur votre blog :-)

    1. KiKi Post author

      Je sais, mais c’est vachement important quand même ;-)
      Mais, surtout ça souligne l’obsolescence du support CD.

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