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Weekend Traveling to Québec City – part 2

Today’s route

Driving route_Road 138

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Walking route_Vieux Québec

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Road 138

We took 138 national road instead of highway to see the villages. It’s like country side of United states which we saw in the Hollywood films. Single floor buildings, huge trucks (like optimus prime), yellow school buses, big retro style advertisement boards on the road side, a lot of huge fast food drive thru and big houses with wide garden right next to the road.
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Weekend Traveling to Québec City

As KiKi was so curious about the Québec city, we decided to go there for a long weekend. He took a holiday on Friday and we rented a car. It takes about 3 hours driving from Montreal to Québec so we expected to see beautiful view of Canadian countryside on the way.
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Curious Veggies


Morning Person

That was not true.
I expected to have a long and good sleep on the real bed after 7 days sleeping bag life. But I didn’t know the jet lag is much stronger than the tiredness.
I woke up 4 in the morning so tried to sleep more. But eventually, I saw the sun rising and the clock in front of my bed showed correctly every hour. KiKi resisted a little longer than me but he also started to work at 7 in the morning.
So we became morning person even though we didn’t really want to be.

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