Curious Veggies


Morning Person

That was not true.
I expected to have a long and good sleep on the real bed after 7 days sleeping bag life. But I didn’t know the jet lag is much stronger than the tiredness.
I woke up 4 in the morning so tried to sleep more. But eventually, I saw the sun rising and the clock in front of my bed showed correctly every hour. KiKi resisted a little longer than me but he also started to work at 7 in the morning.
So we became morning person even though we didn’t really want to be.


Curious Veggies

We had lunch with super expensive meat which I had accidentally bought at the bio corner. And I started to be curious again about this noisy city so decided to visit the tourist center. But of course I didn’t know where it is and my believed google map didn’t show the proper one :( But I surly saw the big information center mark on the city map on the street, so just went out and KiKi also came out leaving the work behind ;)

Happy veggies. The excitement of new place.
The weather was nice and warm. 


New Culture


City of Churches

We found the city map on the street without much problem. (I saw a policeman on the road but I didn’t dare to ask to him this time.) To go to the information center, we had to go through downtown. Sightseeing time :D

It seems they have a lot of church in this city. I saw a church almost every 100 meter with little exaggeration. But strangely, most of them were closed. Shouldn’t be the church for everybody? :(


More prevention gives more curiosity. I was eager to look inside. We went front, side and behind of the church but it was really closed. So I knocked. (Keep knocking, and the door will be opened for you. Luke 11:9) But it didn’t work this time :'( I became very frustrated potato.

Well, it kind of worked actually. Just it was not this door but another one. There was another church near St. James and they were fixing something inside the church. So the workers left the door open. Yupee~ We went in the church passing by a head banging guy listening a heavy metal music in front of church door. Why not, church is for everybody ;)


And finally, my frustration went down like clogged toilet being plunged. There was a huge church (even I didn’t notice it’s a church. It looked like a government building.)near the information center and we allowed not only to enter but to have a guide. It’s called Cathedral-Basilica of Mary. As it is 3rd biggest church in Quebec, the architecture was very impressive. Its inside was very bright and beautiful. But strange thing is I don’t know this church is for ‘Who’. It was rededicated in 1955 to Mary, Queen of the World, by Pope Pius XII. Its model was Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome but instead of the statues of the twelve apostles on the façade of St. Peter’s, the front of the church is topped by statues of the patron saints of thirteen parishes of Montreal who donated them. And they had a pope photo right next to a apostle drawing and luxurious mortuary chapel for auxiliary bishop inside the church. Well, I am not catholic so I don’t know how they feel about that but I felt they built this to cerebrate themselves.

By the way, look, it’s Google map result for ‘church near Montreal’. So many of them, it’s like Seoul.

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Eh…maybe not. I didn’t know Seoul has that much ^^;

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Oh~~ City City. It’s almost been a year to be in a big city. People People. Why are all of them on the street? It’s so crowd. I was scared not to see enough people on the road when I arrived in Australia. But now I feel weird to see such a crowd on the road. What are they doing outside? Actually, it’s like Korea. But I kind of forgot. -_-;

By the way, general impression of this city is very messy. A lot of constructions places are mixed with pedestrian block, rubbishes are everywhere, dirty wall and broken roads. Well, I think most of big cities are like that but I feel it’s messier than Seoul. Hum…maybe I don’t have objective criticism for this, you know, I love my city ^^; Oh, but I can tell it’s more green than Seoul. There are more trees and flowers in this city.

They quite often have hanging flower pot on the road, at the window and in front of house. It looked very nice but I sometimes got scared for KiKi when he walked near them because some of them were high but some of them were not.

They also have something with Switzerland. It means we often see the word ‘Swiss’ in the the name. KiKi looked quite happy with that ;)

And a surprising thing. They have a lot of sex shops and striptease bars. Not only behind the city somewhere hidden place but some of them were quite in the center with big neon signs and show window with items. And the shops’ doors were widely opened so we could see its inside clearly. Well, why not, it’s just a shop. But I haven’t see them much before so I’ve got quite shy alone in the street :P


Place Ville Mary


Around 6pm, we went to place ville mary. It’s middle of downtown so we can see nice view of sky scrappers from here. But our body condition was like midnight (It was midnight if we were in Switzerland.). So we decide to have a little coffee break. Unfortunately, as both of us don’t like coffee, we couldn’t get enough caffeine with chocolate drink and tea. So we didn’t talk, just watched around us half sleeping.

Ahaaa…It’s been so long time to drink a chocolate drink smelling exhaust gas middle of noise ;) It maybe sounds weird, but I felt very nostalgia for this situation :)



By the way, we should sleep more tomorrow not to drown in the soup bowl while having lunch.

4 thoughts on “Curious Veggies

  1. Sidonie

    Voilà, j’ai tout lu (j’ai subi des pressions pour laisser un commentaire à chaque fois :O ) !

    Les Bagnoles, ça m’a bien fait rire aussi. Et franchement, je trouve dommage qu’ici, ils traduisent de moins en moins les titres des films.

    J’espère qu’au prochain épisode, on sera rassurer sur le fait que vous ne vous êtes pas transformés définitivement en lève-tôt :-)

    1. Luna Post author

      Haha, non non, personne te force ;)

      On est à peu pret transformé définitivement en lève-tôt. (T_T)
      Ce n’est pas parce qu’on veut mais c’est comme ça ici. Je t’expliquerai au prochain épisode.

  2. lila

    hé ben hé ben, que d’églises effectivement !
    buvez donc une ptite goulotte de taureau rouge pour vous requinquer ^^
    by the way, la photo du dôme de l’église est impressionnante… un peu trop j’ai le vertige maintenant
    bweuu ..

    sur ce je continue la lecture de vos péripéties ^^

    ps: vous êtes passés sur M6 c’est trop la honteu hahahaha ;P
    mais quand même, bel exploit les loulous :D

    1. Luna Post author

      Les taureau rouge sont énormes ici. On a pensé J.C effectivement ^^; Si je le boire, je vais courrir pendant 3 jours.

      T’as vu M6 ? Haha, c’était rigolo~ :D Ce n’est pas grave. Ma mère sera contente le voir ;)

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