Flying Veggies

Sleepy stuff

It’s Cucumber and Potato’s pot changing day. After long planting in Switzerland for 5 years, we start to get curious about another land. With no much thinking, we decided to go to the other continent, America. For me, potato, as it is the first time to go this land, I expected that I would be super excited on the departure day. But…our train was too early in the morning after raining Festi’Neuch and the sleeping-on-the-cold-hard-floor-with-sleeping-bag gave me strong back pain and a cold heart. So we were excited somewhere very hidden place in the mind but we couldn’t express it with our physical condition.


Bye, Switzerland

We stayed in the airport like dried vegetables and got a little surprise. The flight departure time’s got 10min earlier than original time. It was the first time of my life, what a nice surprise. Sorry for somebody get ‘too on time’ in the airport but we are going~ ;)
Leaving behind the cloudy Geneva, we jumped off the European land.


Flying veggies

Ah…Finally !
I got little head ache for taking off and felt hungry. Yes, that meant my brain(actually, stomach) had woke up. It seemed my lovely cucumber woke up, too. He started to tap the screen to choose a movie.
I waited for lunch desperately but it didn’t come out soon enough for my stomach. :( I almost felt like fainting so I had to take some photos to forget the hunger even though I was on the aisle seat. Today, we had only high position cloud so we could see beautiful French farm land from the sky. Look at the photos which I took crushing KiKi.


Lunch time :D
Stewardess start to serve the lunch and KiKi looked very excited to hear Quebecois. That was quite remarkable accent for me as well. I felt they open mouth wider pronouncing ‘e, eu, oi’ and the intonation was totally different from French or Swiss french part. It sounds very friendly.  Not like my Swiss friends warning, I could understand with no much troubles. Well, actually, they only spoke few sentences such as ‘poulet ou pâte ?'(chicken or pasta?), ‘Vous voulez boire quelque chose?'(do you want to drink something?) :P We will see more in Canada. By the way, the food quantity was a bit less than usual but taste was good or simply, I was super hungry.

We watched 3 so so movies, some shorts and served once more small meal, chicken rap before landing. hum…what kind of chicken can be conserved for 2 years? It had expiration date in 2012 Sep. :(

Yoohoo~ Canada!
We started to see the Canada from the sky. It has very interesting landscape. Everything is very straight and flat. Field, houses and the cities.


Welcome to Canada

After 7 times passport checking from Geneva to Montreal, we could step on the Canadian land. Little hot, humid and the smell~ hum. different air.
14:20. We took only 2 hours to get here in Montreal. Fancy to weekend trip? ;)

We asked where we can get on the subway to a policeman and he described the way very precisely and added one more word, ‘Did you come all the way long only to eat Subway?’ huummm…He showed the way to the Subway sandwich shop. Apparently, they don’t use the word ‘subway’ but only ‘metro’. So this time we went to information center and they gave us a little map to get to our holiday apartment. We straightly bought one month public transport card (73 CAD), get on the bus and then KiKi lost the little map. I should feed him some fatty food to get his pocket tighter. So our first adventure in Canada began. We started to rove from the metro station and suddenly, a lady jumped to us and asked where we were looking for. Oh…scary friendly people.
We little bit worried she would ask some money after the conversation like Egyptians but she just went away. Oh…she was a real kind person. It’s been so long time this kind of people.

But actually she didn’t really know where we were looking for so I asked once more to a policeman. He bravely jump to the driving road and show the way to us. I wondered if it was really necessary to get in the dangerous driving road but anyway, we followed his instruction which wasn’t that really clear. After 1 hour walking, we arrived at our suppose-to-be-lovely-holiday-apartment. When KiKi said it looked like this apartment, I wanted to keep walking. ‘No, it can’t be this. It will be further, it should be further!’ But the life can sometimes be very cruel. That was really our suppose-to-be-lovely-holiday-apartment. Very old building with strange smell and super miniature type studio. We almost felt like scammed. How they can sell this sad quality apartment with that price…That’s the risk of internet booking. We got little sad at the moment but quickly adapted the situation and went to dinner.


While we were going to city center with google maps’ help, we realized that the metro station was actually 10 min distance from our apartment. The kindness doesn’t always mean helpful. ;)

We chose a restaurant which looked quite good, St. Hubert but actually, it was between family restaurant and fast food. We ordered food with welcoming drink, Mojito but the welcoming drink wasn’t for free, also not like Egypt ;)

When our food was served, we were quite surprised at the huge quantity. Both of us ordered the smallest size but it was normal size in Switzerland or Korea. The coleslaw salad was also included in the meal and we could get unlimited refill. We could feel that we are very close to U.S.A :)


Tired. We had very long day with 6 hours time difference. We started to have sand in the eyes from 6pm and the body felt melting around 9pm. Let’s go home!

We walked along the street to get home. It seemed quite interesting this city >.< Ohhoho. Besides, we found out there will be free music festival(Francofolies) for 9 days in front of our apartment. What a luck !


Ah~ real bed. After 7days sleeping bag, this small simple white bed looks even luxury. I have feeling that we will have very good sleep tonight.

12 thoughts on “Flying Veggies

  1. Sidonie

    Très jolie mise en page ! ;-) Sérieusement, j’ai remarqué et admiré ce matin.

    Et contente d’avoir de vos nouvelles aussi. J’attends la suite !

    1. Luna Post author

      Puhaha, merci beaucoup. Je me suis amusée très longtemps. (Je sens que Adrien t’a forcé :P )
      Oui, je vais essayer de mettre la suite le plus vite possible mais la vie de touriste n’est pas très relaxante. ;)

  2. Lila

    Nice photos ^^

    Well, hope you’ll have great sunny days and enjoy the music festival !
    Ici ça roye … sniff

    1. luna Post author

      il a plu ici aussi la semaine dernière. ça fait longtemps que je n’ai pas vu un grand pluies comme ça :) Mais il fait aussi froid quand il pleut…sniff, too.

  3. Prerna

    Hey Luna n Adrien, its was really nice to read the whole trip .. hmm up’s n down’s r alz there, am pretty sure that u guys r enjoying there. Its raining over here and summer seems to be already gone ;-) I hope not :D well keep writing abt the trip, it will be really nice to read your experiences….so long take care and alz order for one person n share :P the famous BIZ of Swiss all the way to Canada:-)

    1. luna Post author

      Hello :)
      I see Neuchâtel has sunny icon on my monitor, d’u feel a bit of summer today? ;)
      Thank you for reading. I wondered who would read such a long text ^^; hehe. I get cheer up, I will continue to write the next! ;)
      Btw, I used really well the knife you’d given to me to open a tomato sauce can! You saved our life, we almost had to skip the dinner. (>_<)
      Thank you for the famous thing! I send you it, too with maple sirop smell :)

      1. KiKi

        What ?! almost skipped a meal ?! How come I never heard of such a catastrophe ?! I shall be careful from now on and keep an emergency burger under my pillow…

  4. Damien

    I should feed him some fatty food to get his pocket tighter.

    ahahaha can’t stop laughing!

    1. luna Post author

      So we eat double butter pan cake with maple liquor every morning. But it seems the canadian butter works only to asian girl cuz I cannot put a single thing in my pocket anymore :(

      1. KiKi

        Anyway your pocket were always extremely tiny. I think it’s more a clothes design than butter quality/quantity. Btw, it smells samgyetang here, yummy !

  5. KiKi

    I think the story of our trip is almost complete except for the clothes I had to throw away at the airport because of the excessive weight. 28k for two people sounded fair to me, but we should have packed two luggages as recommended by our family.

    So we ended up throwing clothes and carrying super heavy stuff in our backpack. Aw, I so hate travelling with heavy luggages. Why on earth did I bring two (not one, two!) Nintendo DS which are incompatible with 110V ? and why did I bring a mouse which I never ever use at work ?! Why the universe ?!


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