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My turn

Today was my turn. I turned 27 and even though I still suffer from my missing teeth I got some unexpected surprises. I know, surprises are unexpected by definition, but sometimes you may expected to get surprises more than usual.

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KiKi’s Birthday part 1

KiKi has birthday 2 weeks after me. So we have 2 times big party every end of Summer.

I organized a surprising party for him with friends last year. So I had to find other way to surprise him. That was hard mission. After long consideration, I decided to do ‘Luna show’ this year for him.

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My Birthday, 2008

‘My birthday is coming closer~ Another Drunk party :D ‘ That’s what I thought at the begginig of August. So I texted all my friends to organize BBQ on the lakeside. But I thought that KiKi would give me some event on 15th so I fixed the party date on 16th Saturday. As I expected, most of my cool, lovely friends said Ok except few busy friends, so I couldn’t notice KiKi’s secret plan at all :)

Time has flown, it’s my birthday, today.

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