My turn

Today was my turn. I turned 27 and even though I still suffer from my missing teeth I got some unexpected surprises. I know, surprises are unexpected by definition, but sometimes you may expected to get surprises more than usual.

Anyway, I got to work as usual expecting nothing (at least not before evening). That was my first birthday on Facebook, so a few old/new friends sent me messages. That’s a good start for the day. Around midday I got a very unexpected surprise as a special delivery service brought me nice flowers and cute delivery gir. She made my day :)

However, the day was not yet over and hundreds of candles were waiting for me to come home in the evening. I could felt the heat as soon as I opened the door, but despite that it gave me a good mood. With only candles to light the flat it took me a few minutes to notice that a present was waiting for me right in the middle of the living room. This is probably because the awesome live piano playing distracted me. She made my day ;-)

So right in the center of all these candles a balance board was ready to be used… after dinner of course. We ate salmon, delicious microwaved vegies (who knew microwaves could cook that well?) and tender meat. Yummy !

We started playing Wii Fit while eating my birthday cake. Doing fitness while eating sugar ? It sounds good to me. So I guess I’ll try to use Wii Fit on a daily basis from now on to see if it may have any effects.

Anyway thanks to her and all you guys who wrote for my birthday.

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