KiKi’s Birthday part 1

KiKi has birthday 2 weeks after me. So we have 2 times big party every end of Summer.

I organized a surprising party for him with friends last year. So I had to find other way to surprise him. That was hard mission. After long consideration, I decided to do ‘Luna show’ this year for him.

The show consists of 2 parts.

One is attacking his working place and the other is couple party at home.

But I was sure that he want to have friends and family party, so I decided to have friends party on Sat and family party on Sun. But it wasn’t secret to him so he might think he will have his party only this weekend, not Tuesday, on his own birthday.

Flash back to 29 August Friday

To attack his working place, I had to know where he works. As I’m not good at finding some new place, I estimated that is’s better to visit his company once before D-day. So I left my house with a piece of google map today.

Lausanne-Renens. Good. I didn’t miss any station and I fell on this total new place, Renens.

With my super precise google map (-_-;) I start to walk. Like KiKi said it sould be 15 mins walking distance but…no. Google map didn’t show any small way to go and I had to follow all the big roads. But, ha! Who am I? I’m the lunatic Luna, I can reclaim my destiny! I took another road which looked like a shot cut. But at that time, I couldn’t think that I sometimes loose my direction sense in a new place…and it was the day. -_-;


Walking in Renens 20 minutes

It’s a bit hot today. But it’s ok. I have half bottle of water. I saw some same name streets on my map. But it mean I’m on that road or I’m going to see that road? Mystery.

Walking in Renens 30 minutes

I’m on a big road in industrial area. No people, No signs, No shops and No help. I have to save my water. But I’m so thirsty. :( Oh, my father called me. But I couldn’t answer properly cuz I oncentrated so much to find the right road. Sorry father.

Walking in Renens 40 minutes

I’m still on the industrial area. I want to ask somebody but nobody’s on the road and cars are passing so fast. well, actually the drivers whistle for me. What does it mean?

Walking in Renens 45 minutes

Weird! Why they keep whistling to me? Am I so fxcking pretty or am I wearing something wrong or do I look so sleazy? Don’t show me your thumb. I’m gonna break them!  I start to getting nervous. Where the hell he is working?

Walking in Renens 50 minutes

Oh…shit. I must be in the very strange area. People are very sleazy. Even old grandpa showed me his thumb. Mustbe something wrong with me. I wanted to wlak fast but my leg didn’t help me. I fell on the road like a blue frog. (I were wearig blue clothes.) Oh, no! The grandpa stopped his car. Hey, old man. Just keep driving, don’t look at me, don’t talk to me. No, go away! leave me alone~~~~~

‘Are you ok, lady?’ / ‘I’m ok. Thanks’ (Don’t touch me. I’m gonna kill you.) / ‘Where are you going? Do you need a ride? / ‘Oh, that’s so kind but I’m ok. I go just over there.’ (Am I crazy? Are you insane? HA, I’m not that stupid to ride sleazy grandpas’s car. And I don’t know where the hell I’m going. -_-;)

Walking in Renens 60 minutes

Ah, I feel something close. I think I’m on the right road this time. YEAH~ SWORD. I saw his company’s name. SO feel good. I believe I can fly~ Kyahaha. Well. I have to careful. He might watching outside from his window.

Turning back to train station.

Ok, this time I’m gonna take the real short cut. I start to walk through the wall. (on the map) Yes, it is. I had to be a Harry poter. There were some grandmas talking and they looked kind. So I asked the way to go to station and one of them was going same direction so I walked with her. Yes, she was local and she knows real short cut, between buildings, parks and strange small road. But just…she was old…we took still 30 mins to go to station. But I marked well on my google map all the small roads so I’m gonna take 15mins next time. :D

When I came back, I also had to book a restaurant for lunch. But I didn’t have any idea around there so I visited some restaurant by myself. Of course this time also I got help from Google maps and the map worked well this time but not informations. They said it’s tropical restaurant but it was just simple pizzaria. So I booked a chinese restaurant on the terrase :D And I bought 300 of tea light candles for decoration. So I just could take the train one hour before KiKi so he will never know that I visited him today.

Come back to today, KiKi’s Birthday


well. I already gave a paper to school which declares I’m gonna go to see a doctor today. So I didn’t have to go to school but I had to get up so early to execute my plans. I start to arrange the candles on the living room. I wanted to have a huge heart shape but I had to protect the wooden floor so I took all the morning to make protections. And also I had to make a huge red heart hat which I’ll wear today lunch attack. well…That looks quite stupid though…I might make KiKi wear it. :)


And I had to be KiKi’s office before his lunch time so I left home around 10:30 and this time as he told me, It took 15mins to be there. I already send a message to Greg so he opened the door for me and I could enter without any problem…Well…actually no. I couldn’t find the right door which connect to his office so I had to walk around all the building.

Finally I arrived his office with stupid heart hat and a bunch of flower :D As I expected, he was surprised and we had lunch with his colleagues and Jerome. Actually, I wanted to sing and dance to make him embarrass but finally it was me who get embarrass so I gave up in the middle. While we having meal, I asked KiKi to wear the hat but he had bigger head than me so it didn’t fit. Well, it looked smaller than mine normaly, something not fare (– )


Oops, I came back later than I thought so I was quite in a hurry to finish all the decorations and cooking. So this is the decoration for his birthday. Have a look carefully, there is a his birthday present in the middle. (WII Fit)

And for the meal, I really didn’t have enough time so I don’t remember if I cooked with my hand or foot. Anyway way the menu was

  • Entree – Flower Salmon salade
  • Main   – Lamb with bougignon sauce
  • oven cooked stuffed (with pumpkin, sweet potato and cream) mini pumpkin
  • Steamed asparagus and brocoli
  • Dessert – Cold Green tea cream cheese cake (Oh, my gosh, it was so pretty one. But We didn’t have battery on our camera. -_-;)

We supposed to drink some champagne but that was a lot of quantity of meal. So after all the meal, I couldn’t move at all and we save it for this weekend. But my young, healthy and powerful husband got up to try our new friend, wii fit.

Ah~ It was fun to organise all this but it’s also quite tiring. But you know…it’s just beginnig of his birthday party of this year…