Journal de bord du touriste

A l’occasion de mes 30 ans, mes proches ont eu l’excellente idée de m’envoyer nager avec le grand requin blanc. Un grand merci à eux pour m’avoir aider à realiser un rêve que je trainais depuis 6 ans. Presque deux ans plus tard le rêve se concretise enfin.

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Ladder truck

In Korea, lifts are built for 95% of the use cases. That means a few persons can fit in. And that’s cost-effective and very wise. However, for the 5% left it’s getting more complicated. Especially when moving in/out with large furniture. That’s when the ladder truck comes in. Something I didn’t see any other places yet. Especially of this length, roughly 25 stories in this video.

Road Trip

Back in 2010, we went on a road trip all around Korea. Sleeping in traditional houses with minimal comfort, or staying in five stars hotel. During this trip I could confirmed what I suspected. Driving rules are actual pretty much all the same as ours. Except for one. That one which says “you don’t really have to follow the rules“. So as long as you don’t cause any accident, that’s fine. It’s not as messy as you may imagine, but it’s definitely more loose than what I’m used to.

So here is a rough cut of our trip. There’s also a normal speed version for those of you who enjoy sightseeing.