Weekend Traveling to Québec City – part 2

Today’s route

Driving route_Road 138

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Walking route_Vieux Québec

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Road 138

We took 138 national road instead of highway to see the villages. It’s like country side of United states which we saw in the Hollywood films. Single floor buildings, huge trucks (like optimus prime), yellow school buses, big retro style advertisement boards on the road side, a lot of huge fast food drive thru and big houses with wide garden right next to the road.





Québec, Québec !

After 5 hours slow sight seeing driving, we arrived at the Québec city without any problem. Well, KiKi turned off the engine with his knee during driving on the highway but we didn’t die anyway. The GPS was about 30 bucks per day but we used it only to find the house at the end of trip. It’s kind expensive. :(
We’ve rented a apartment from a friend of friend of friend while she was traveling in Europe. Her apt situated just next to the center so it was very convenient for short term tourist like us :) The interesting thing was the living area looked quite old and reminded me 70-80s of Korean suburb. But if you walk about 10mins, it completely change to modern city. It’s also has a lot of mixed style city view with middle age, early 20c and modern buildings, like Montreal. But it was much more pleasant to walk in the Quebec city because it was cleaner than Montreal and there were no homeless.



Around the house

We’ve got the key from the house owner’s neighbor. This kind couple gave us some instruction of the house and the town. It is always so good to contact to native people during traveling even though I couldn’t understand half of conversation. :P They had much stronger accent than Montrealais. And also it seemed they don’t understand well the swiss korean accent neither. So every time, we said something ( it supposed to be French though) each other and smiled. KiKi translated me the Québec French to Swiss French later but not all of them :P

After light dinner, it was almost 5-6pm but we are the curious veggies. So we went out :)



Old Québec





We liked a lot this small and pretty city. It reminded me something about Basel handcraft area but KiKi didn’t agree with me at all. :P
By the way, I don’t know why people recommended us to go more Montreal instead of here. Is it the age? I think we prefer this tidy peaceful place than drunken party area…:P

4 thoughts on “Weekend Traveling to Québec City – part 2

  1. KiKi

    Oh, the car thing was quite scary indeed. Suddenly the engine shut down, and I lost the power steering. All of that on kind of a highway. Luckily for us, the road was quite straight, so I somehow managed to pull over, but while doing so we almost went too far on the side of the road and downhill… But we didn’t. It took me a while to realize that I just turned the key with my knee. Small car !

    Chateau Frontenac is awesome. It totally looks like it’s coming straight out of a Castlevania :)

    1. Luna Post author

      since you turned off the engine, I actually checked the distance between your knee and the key all the time. I couldn’t enjoy much outside :P

  2. Martouf

    Pourquoi la bouteille a une contenance de 591ml ?
    C’est tout simplement l’équivalent de 20 once liquide US.

    Je vois que la pub influence….. mais la pub de l’époque n’était pas aussi efficace que maintenant…. sinon après avoir vu un panneau Pepsi tu n’aurais pas acheté coca-cola….. :P

    Sinon… il y avait vraiment un champignon dans le ” ? ” ?? :P

    1. Luna Post author

      J’ai vu sur web aussi. Mais enfait, ça exist 500ml et 591ml, les deux ici. :P Il y a tous les tailles de boisson…

      Haha! T’as raison, je n’ai même pas remarqué que ce pub était Pepsi et on a acheté Coca-cola. J’ai pensé simplement un coke ;)

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