Weekend Traveling to Québec City

As KiKi was so curious about the Québec city, we decided to go there for a long weekend. He took a holiday on Friday and we rented a car. It takes about 3 hours driving from Montreal to Québec so we expected to see beautiful view of Canadian countryside on the way.

No business in the morning

We rented a car from 9 o’clock so had to get up around 7:30 in the morning. But our body started to adapt the Canadian time and people kept partying in front of our house every night. That meant we were still suffering from lack of sleep. On the way to the rent car shop, we saw people had already started the weekend events such as sports car outdoor exhibition and free chocolate distribution. How come? It’s still Friday, it’s even quite early in the morning…People were so wake up… impossible… (-_-;)


We happily arrived at the rent car office with free chocolate. The office assistant looked so kind with strong Québec accent. (Well, all of them actually sounds very kind with Québec accent.) It seemed a good start of the day. She said even like this.
– Your car is here but we have another car for you. You can take this one if you want. It’s much more economic for fuel than what you chose.
‘Hum? Why not if it’s economic. Wow, they are so kind.’ I was kind of impressed at that moment.
– And you know what? It’s Fiat
‘Fiat? so……what?’ I didn’t get the reason why she put an accent on the FIAT because it’s sort of common car in Switzerland.
– You wanna have a look? It’s so nice car, you will love it.
‘Wait wait. It’s a little too much kindness, something weird.’ At that moment, half sleeping face cucumber asked,
– Is it same price?
She replied
– It’s 30 CAD more expensive per day than what you chose. But you will save a lot moeny for fuel.

Sure. There is no free kindness in a shop. But I started to calculate in the head, ’30CAD more per day…but how much does it cost per day to go Québec…and…plus and…what else…hum…’ It’s too hard in the morning.
– Common guys, you can have a look at the car. It’s Fiat and beautiful. Try to sit inside to decide. The decision is totally up to you.
She disturbed my calculation with kind and cheerful voice. When I finished calculating, we were sitting inside the Fiat outside shop holding a signed contract. And the result of calculation was like this.

We will rent a car for 3 days.

With original choice,
Day 1 : 30 CAD fuel to go.(according to internet fuel calculator)
Day 2 : No driving
Day 3 : 30 CAD fuel to come back + 10-20CAD fuel to visit national park
Total : about 70-80 bucks + original rent.

With Fiat,
Day 1: less than 30 CAD + 30CAD for extra rent fee
Day 2 : 30CAD extra rent fee
Day 3 : less than 30 + 10-20CAD for fuel + 30CAD extra rent fee
Total : Less than 70-80 bucks + original rent + 90CAD extra rent

That means even if the fuel was totally free with Fiat, we would pay minimum 10 bucks more. And of course the fuel was not for free.

I spent a bit more than 3 hours to find the cheapest rent car company and that morning, we had been messed up in 10 minutes. (-_-;) Scary well trained kind people…Frankly, it wasn’t that difficult calculation but I completely failed to remember the fuel price. Morning side effect…I’m gonna ask for 10 bucks to the party people in front of my apartment. It’s all their fault :'(

In the car, I explained my calculation to KiKi but he was like this.

“Oh, is it? That’s shame. But I was too sleepy and she spoke too much…”

What can I say, anyway I failed to remember the fuel estimation in time. Therefore we started our beautiful weekend trip with super cute yellow car.


Save the green planet!


It was a very fine sunny day. I said ‘sunny’, that meant everybody had enough light to watch the road. But they left the street lights on. I thought it happened accidentally but we saw quite often that the street lights turned on that day. That was ironical because the electric poles was made of wood. We thought they used wood for ecological reason so we were impressed. But why don’t they pay attention to turn off the street light on this super sunny day…


To be continued… 

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  1. KiKi

    I guess wasting money is part of the fun for tourists… but still, that was quite a mean-kind girl that morning ! :-/

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