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End of KISS era

Since quite young I listened to hard-rock music from guys around me. It’s only years ago I started to listened to it on my own. It was kind a of a way to make up for what I missed earlier. But I have never attended a hard-rock concert with long hair, which is a must-have to appropriately enjoy hard-rock music of course.

So last KISS tour was my chance. I managed to gather a few friends on the last minute and off we went to Geneva, 5 in a car. On the way, talking about previous concert, listening to KISS old albums, drinking Redbulls and eating homemade sandwiches. A great trip for a great show. Fireworks, blood vomiting, rocket launcher fight, crushed guitar and long hair to shake. My hard-rock life is fulfilled !

Back home it was time to cut my hair, because I honestly could not stand it anymore. So here is the first haircutting experience for Luna:

Anyway, I am still looking forward to next Iron Maiden concert, even with short hair…

My first Kimchi !

Last weekend was totally epic. I cooked my first kimchi ever. From scratch to a side-dish spicy as hell, it took me no less than four hours. But that was worth the back pain. Especially since it will last a few months in the fridge.
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Christmas Holidays

These holidays we did much less than planned, we had a lot of rest, watching movies and playing games. But amongst a few things we still managed to go to Basel’s Christmas market (it took us three attempts to succeed, but we did it). That was worth the difficulties to get there. We found delicious homemade marzipan and cute little shops everywhere. Then, of course, we had our share of family meals for Christmas and friends gathering for New Year Eve.
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