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End of KISS era

Since quite young I listened to hard-rock music from guys around me. It’s only years ago I started to listened to it on my own. It was kind a of a way to make up for what I missed earlier. But I have never attended a hard-rock concert with long hair, which is a must-have to appropriately enjoy hard-rock music of course.

So last KISS tour was my chance. I managed to gather a few friends on the last minute and off we went to Geneva, 5 in a car. On the way, talking about previous concert, listening to KISS old albums, drinking Redbulls and eating homemade sandwiches. A great trip for a great show. Fireworks, blood vomiting, rocket launcher fight, crushed guitar and long hair to shake. My hard-rock life is fulfilled !

Back home it was time to cut my hair, because I honestly could not stand it anymore. So here is the first haircutting experience for Luna:

Anyway, I am still looking forward to next Iron Maiden concert, even with short hair…


20080720-DSC_0042There are these guys you knew when you were a child. And through kid eyes they looked like heroes and stars. Because they’re actually talented or because you just see them a lot. Whatever the reason is, they are just unforgettable memories from youth. Once in adulthood, you’d look back and actually see them as one of the main part of your youth.

With current trend that old stuff is fashion, we see them trying to coming back to us. Most of them older but still trying to do the same stuff. That may end up being pathetic. But I was recently extremely surprised when I went to Corbier’s concert a few months ago. His spirit didn’t get old at all. Throwing stupid joke between songs, singing weird lyrics and making funny face. Exactly how I left him more than 15 years ago.

It was so fun that I didn’t hesitate one second when I learned he was giving a second concert. This time we went with more friends, and again everybody was singing and clapping together in a really peaceful mood. I bet it is Corbier’s strength to wake up the child inside each one of us. Honestly it’s not incredibly great music, but that’s one of the best concert I attended to. May he come a third time, I would sign up at this instant.