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End of KISS era

Since quite young I listened to hard-rock music from guys around me. It’s only years ago I started to listened to it on my own. It was kind a of a way to make up for what I missed earlier. But I have never attended a hard-rock concert with long hair, which is a must-have to appropriately enjoy hard-rock music of course.

So last KISS tour was my chance. I managed to gather a few friends on the last minute and off we went to Geneva, 5 in a car. On the way, talking about previous concert, listening to KISS old albums, drinking Redbulls and eating homemade sandwiches. A great trip for a great show. Fireworks, blood vomiting, rocket launcher fight, crushed guitar and long hair to shake. My hard-rock life is fulfilled !

Back home it was time to cut my hair, because I honestly could not stand it anymore. So here is the first haircutting experience for Luna:

Anyway, I am still looking forward to next Iron Maiden concert, even with short hair…