Christmas Holidays

These holidays we did much less than planned, we had a lot of rest, watching movies and playing games. But amongst a few things we still managed to go to Basel’s Christmas market (it took us three attempts to succeed, but we did it). That was worth the difficulties to get there. We found delicious homemade marzipan and cute little shops everywhere. Then, of course, we had our share of family meals for Christmas and friends gathering for New Year Eve.

To start the new year with a clean body and wash off 2009 we had a honey bath on 1st January 2010. That simply consists in taking a bath in honey instead of water. Honestly that had nothing to do with new year, but that sounded like a fun idea to do. Next time we should try with more honey (only eight bottles of 500g) and much less water to keep the bath as sticky (and fun) as possible ;-)

To get back in shape and help digest everything we ate (and washed with) in the last few days, we had a walk in Creux-du-Van which happened to be a hell lot more snowy than what I expected. Thankfully our car was well equipped and we did not fear falling down the cliff… especially after I got valuables advices about the road to take. We actually were hunting Alpine Ibex as we heard it was their reproduction time a few weeks ago, but that day was probably way too cold for them to sneak out of their home. So we did not stayed there for too long either.

Anyway holidays are soon to be finished for me and before going back to work I wish all of you an incoming year full of good surprises and opportunities !

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