Super Size Veggies

New stuff

One of the most exciting part of traveling is going to supermarket. Because it’s the place you can really feel that you are in a foreign country. So we went to supermarket with a camera :P  It was not so difficult to find them and most of them were very big inside.






Cheap stuff

The general food price in supermarket is slightly cheaper than Switzerland and similar to Korea. The meat and season fruits are very cheap compare to those countries.




Swiss food, Korean food

As it is a multicultural country, I’ve seen a lot of different countries’ restaurants. There were some unusual cuisine such as Macedonian, Palestine, Portugal, Egyptian etc. That’s too shame that we couldn’t stay more to try all of them. There are also Swiss and Korean restaurant and some of Korean restaurants are cheaper than Korea :D




Super Size Veggies

I thought only USA has the super size food… :P





Cooking time

One of good thing in Canada for me, wherever you buy the food, they are not salty. So potato don’t need to eat huge quantity of plain rice to finish one sausage ;) But it was hard to try many different food because most of packages were too big to finish at once for a couple. We had to eat at least 2-5 times same meal.



That was our supermarket tour in Montreal. There are still a lot of things we couldn’t try because unfortunately, we have only one stomach per person. I might buy some extra stomach to have at least 4 like cows :)

3 thoughts on “Super Size Veggies

  1. sarah

    well, is always good to be try a new life style while traveling, that’s the most interesting part. Seems the food is more or less like America way, big pakage, cheaper, and have the choice….I have many friends in Canada and they said 100 CAD can be for one week’s food. Can not compare with swiss…Well, continue ur next blog….

    1. Luna Post author

      Hello, girl.
      Yes, they have many food and choice. And they even have a huge korean super market. happy :D

      Oh, your firends said 100CAD for a week? I think we eat much more than that…^^;; I should concirder that, hehe.

      I’m looking forward to seeing your traveling photo from China o FB. I should visit there once when we are in Korea…

  2. KiKi

    I’m actually getting use to mapple sirup. Especially with pancake in the morning. I’m super sad all day if I don’t get my morning sugar :)

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