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Moving in is usually no small task as it implies moving out and in at the same time. However in our case we moved out more than three months ago and didn’t actually moved in until very recently. So we had plenty of time in between to have a rest. A much needed rest as both moving were exhausting but in different ways. Continue reading

Potato’s return

After 7 years long long explorer, potato returned home. So many things happened during 7 years. I believe the potato’s got richer inside and rounder outside ;)
How do I feel coming back home? Well, frankly, nothing special at the moment. I’ll see when I get over the jet lag. ;)
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Trip around South Korea

Here is, finally, the events following my birthday spent in Korea. We went to Lotte World, an amusement park in Seoul. That park is both indoor and outdoor. That was quite fun to go on rides when surrounded by buildings. A different point of view for the city indeed. The weather was still very hot, and I was please to discover some special “tower” spraying fresh water at people. Very refreshing.
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On 30th of December was my father-in-law’s birthday. We had a few special items for him, but I wanted to cook something special for them. So I cooked lasagna, which apparently was their first ever. Good point :)

I unfortunately had the idea to bake a chocolate cake. That was way less successful. And Luna’s mousse ended up as iced cream on the top of my cake. Overall it looked very… special, to say the less.