Trip around South Korea

Here is, finally, the events following my birthday spent in Korea. We went to Lotte World, an amusement park in Seoul. That park is both indoor and outdoor. That was quite fun to go on rides when surrounded by buildings. A different point of view for the city indeed. The weather was still very hot, and I was please to discover some special “tower” spraying fresh water at people. Very refreshing.

The next day we eventually took the car and started our, several times postponed, trip around Korea. We drove east, to the area of Bonwha. There we slept in a traditional Korean house. It basically means an empty room with very small wooden doors, a floor covered with a kind of linoleum and a few blankets to use as bed. We woke up early, at least for me, and ate a breakfast. Not the jammy-milky-cereals western kind of breakfast, but rather the fishy-spicy-ricy one. Never really minded salty breakfast as long as I don’t get live octopuses. Off we went for our first sightseeing.

We followed our dearest GPS to a traditional village surrounded by paddy fields. This probably is my favorite kind of field, I love the green color of rice plant. The whole village and paddy field were themselves surrounded by a river. It really looked like a small island coming back from ancient times. That was very nice, mostly because of the “green” I guess, but I barely stood the sun and heat. While sweating at every single step, I witnessed my first Korean insects there, as it was almost my first experience in real countryside (not “Seoul’s countryside”, but “countryside’s countryside”). I’d like to go back when the weather is less intense, like not at midday in summer (!).

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