As soon as holidays started I got sick. And I wasn’t much better yet even though I slept all day on Monday. I probably shouldn’t have accepted alcohol yesterday but our host were too kind to refuse. Anyway today I felt worst and after my daily medics breakfast we headed for my next surprise…

First stop was to attend guard changing ceremony. Similar to what we saw in London last year, but way more colorful, and with a larger drum ;-). We then had walk in the traditional palace for a while. But I got cold really fast so I asked Luna to get in the first cafe to have a hot chocolate.

She agreed of course and we had a look around for a cafe, but she strangely did not seem to want to get in any. One was too busy, the other was not a real cafe… She convinced me to take the subway. A few station later we got out, and looked for whatever cafe. Luna obviously did not see any of the cafe I could see. She walked in small street, definitely looking for something on a map.

She brought in front a building which look like anything but a cafe. Whatever, I was too cold to refuse to get in, so I followed her. In there was kind of a flat/cafe decorated with tons of anime items. The waitress hand out “menus” which actually was a photo album. That was no ordinary cafe. The result of the afternoon spent in there is in the following pictures…

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