I didn’t know yet, but yesterday was a preparation for what was coming that Saturday. I knew we had to meet Luna’s friend but I didn’t know where.

Hollywood star

As usual we arrived late, probably because I overslept (again). So we met Luna’s friend and jumped in taxi to hurry to our destination. We stopped in a kind of building complex. Nobody there. Luna asked something to the only security guard around. And he brought us inside and searched for what seemed to be a visitors group. We finally joined them in a huge room which actually was a cinema set.

Everything was recreated to the 70-80% original size, so I look taller than usual on outdoor pictures. But I still don’t know how they shoot to have actors looks normal in a small town. The guide said it was too complicated to explain, but if anyone know I’d be glad to know the explanation.


On Sunday we met an old friend of mine I see only every 2 years. Always a pleasure to see her, but I was not able to take a proper picture. I will try harder in two years (hopefully we will have a better camera by then). We had a meal together and she brought us to an alternative bar where you sit/lie on the floor. That was cool, especially free refill of tea and Korean popcorn ;-)

One thought on “Weekend

  1. 현자

    상은..인제 들어와서 사진 보고감..
    나 너무 이상하게 나왔다우~
    이쁘게 찍은걸로 바꿔죠..ㅎㅎ
    술을 한잔 했어야 했는데, 아숩당..^^;
    잘 지내고~건겅해~

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