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Imported culture

Korean actually use quite a few french words. Mostly for french stuff, but for others as well such as parasol, silhouette or coup d’état. Here is a few french related signs and products.

Foods and goods

When you travel oversea there is always plenty of occasion to try out new food. This time wasn’t too shocking, but I still saw a few disgusting stuff.

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Sea joys

After a few unfortunate events, such as being late, misplaced pension and unexpected high price. We had to give up the original plan which was to go fishing by boat. However without any further notice they improvised an emergency plan for the day.

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Winter sports

When I went to Australia I packed my snowboard gears and carried it around for six months. Only to be able to ski one (short) day during my trip in New Zealand. So when I learned that Korea have actual ski resort, I couldn’t resist.

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