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When you travel oversea there is always plenty of occasion to try out new food. This time wasn’t too shocking, but I still saw a few disgusting stuff.


The day before we left, we randomly passed in a small market, where I could not miss the huge pig’s heads aligned on a table. It almost looked like marzipan or wax. But getting closer would definitely convinced me it was real whole pig heads. Quite weird to look at.

Next to the heads I noticed a stack of cheese. That seemed pretty much awkward as Koreans don’t eat much cheese. So I asked Luna what it was, and she totally blew my mind when she explained it was as well pig’s heads. I actually couldn’t believe her and had to get a confirmation from Luna’s mother.

They remove bones and squeeze pigs heads in a shape looking exactly like cheese. That’s probably the most shocking food I saw during this trip. But fortunately I didn’t tasted it yet. Next time we’re going Luna will give me some without telling me what it is so I may eat without throwing up (as she did for dogs) ;-)


We ate a lot over there and I must admit most food is pretty much yummy (except for over spiced one and octopus). Of course on the way back we filled our luggage with food so we can still eat yummy stuff here.

Luna even brought her favorite one. She presented it as a sausage, but she later explained it’s actual guts filled with sweet potatoes noodles. I tried a few times, but honestly it’s the only Korean food I really don’t like so far. Too chewy and indescribable taste.

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  1. tellos

    C’est cool les jeux sont vraiment pas cher….! J’en ai déjà importé 3 de corée…

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