4D birthday

Today was Luna’s happy birthday, so: Happy Birthday !

To celebrate, we ate huge shrimps and then went to cinema to watch Toy Story 3. But no any kind of cinema, a 4D cinema. For about 20 bucks you get now common 3D glasses and shaking seats. So whenever anything fall down in the movie, your seat, and yourself, “fall” as well. You move as the camera goes up or down. That’s actually pretty cool. And of course when somebody crashes on the wall, you get a pretty brutal shock as well. That was a bit too violent for my taste, because it is often unexpected and I could imagine being actually annoying in action packed movies.

But that’s not all. You also get back “massage” from time to time, wind blown on you and water sprayed on your face. That’s pretty much fun. And I almost got a heart-attacked when the character on-screen got tackled and I felt my ankles being hit. And there is even more ! They also spray different perfume, even though I hardly realized it was on purpose and wondered almost all movie why the girl next to me smelt strawberry so strong. And finally in most romantic moment you’ll get soap bubbles coming from the ceiling.

Overall I found it was good fun and worth the price. But I am still not really convinced by current 3D technology. Hopefully it will improve quickly as it gets more and more popular. And the movie itself was ok probably not worth the IMDb rate, but not bad either.