Five courses meal

I recently won an all you can eat buffet at McDonalds, also called Infinite McChicken. So on a hungry evening we went to collect my prize. I was quite motivated, Infinite McChicken/McNuggets is a long awaited dream, but ended up eating five McChicken (and two black teas). That actually doesn’t sound that much, but it definitely felt quite a lot once in my stomach. I almost felt disgust but the next day I was genuinely attracted by McDonalds strong smell in train station. The best is actually the first bite of each McChicken, it always taste extra yummy, even the last one !

I couldn’t find the weight of one McChicken but looking at nutritional facts it looks like I ate for five days. Anyway, next time I’ll go for Infinite McNuggets (less useless bread) and hope the cashier will not recognize us every that time :-)

2 thoughts on “Five courses meal

  1. Sidonie

    Waouh, trop cool le menu à volonté :-) Cinq McChicken, ben c’est déjà pas mal…

  2. KiKi Post author

    Je penses qu’à jeun je pourrais atteindre les 7, mais le McNuggets est quand même plus intéressant parce qu’il y a moins de pain :D

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