As you may already know, we enjoy costumes. So this year we decided to go to Catacrypte party. Of course we had to have adapted outfit. And I believe Luna did a pretty good job on all of us.

Scary how sugar, cacao and red color can transform your lovely friends in disgusting freaks ;-)

9 thoughts on “Zombies

  1. Sidonie

    Ca donne pas mal du tout ! Je dois avouer que la première pensée que j’ai eu en voyant ça, c’est “j’espère qu’il n’a pas mis un costume de François” ;-)

  2. KiKi Post author

    On y a pensé ! mais finalement on a opté pour un trois-pièces à 12 CHF… ça semblait quand même plus approprié vu la durée de vie de la tenue :P

  3. Haksu Kim

    I took a look at the pictures Jombies. ㅡㅡ; OMG~!
    was it a kinda events?
    you guys are always doing something fun.
    Be Happy~
    I heard from Junga that you are going to visit Korea on tis summer. right?
    Waiting for you, see ya~

    1. Haksu Kim

      anyway~ something wrong with this site? or maybe my web browser???
      i can’t find a button “submit comment”
      i’ve used tab key and enter.
      let me know what’s wrong.

    2. KiKi Post author

      Yeah, that was a party were a lots of people come with Zombie costumes. That was quite fun indeed ! :D

      I hope next time we will be able to go the Zombie Walk. There was one near our home but we missed it last year :-(

      But I am looking forward to being in Korea this summer ! I will be there for six weeks and Luna even longer. I hope i will survive korean hot summer ;-)

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