My first Hanji

Our surprise plan today got canceled because the weather was much more rainy than it was supposed to be. So instead I went with Luna to her last day at “school”. She attended Hanji lessons for a few weeks in a shop. It’s traditional paper used to decorate various objects. I never really saw how it was done, so this was my chance. I also tried to do some stuff myself, but I am no artist so I gave up quite quickly. Anyway, that was interesting and the shop owners made some really nice objects. Some of them looks almost like real plants.

After our last Hanji lesson we went to traditional market nearby where I ate fresh fried fishcake. I also was extremely glad to have enough time to watch living shells spitting on me. I will get my revenge and eat some of them, but they don’t know it yet.

In the evening we hunted Mr. Pizza for almost two hours. I promised Luna’s brother a pizza if he came pick us up, so we had to find the restaurant. Luckily we arrived 20 minutes before close time totally starved. We order three huge pizzas which obviously we couldn’t finish.