Horse trip

While our flat was under renovation, we planned two days off in countryside for a ride with a horse. You basically get a horse and all gears needed and then you have to do everything from scratch to prepare your horse for a walk in Jura’s countryside. That was pretty cool experience, as I never much took care of a horse by myself.

On the first day we had a short instruction and then had to prepare Nicky, our horse, for a first walk around the farm. We had a pretty intense moment when we took the wrong way and had to come back on our step. Nicky got nervous and so did we. But it all went smoothly after we were back on right tracks and I released the wagon’s handbrake…

In the evening we got informed that we didn’t book supper so we walked to next village where we had unexpectedly delicious meal. And once back to the farm, we spend the night in straw. That actually was the most disappointing part. It really was nothing more than a stack of straw right next to horses. Including everything you may imagine: noisy horses all night long, extreme dust and not much cleanness.

On the second day we went for a long walk. Nicky, our host, knows so well the road, that he actually decides where to turn and when to stop for barbecue. As we got no choice, we stopped when Nicky stopped and grilled our meat on a fire, but only after feeding Nicky of course. That second walk was a really nice road in the forest. We met many cows and horses, some tourists as well and even a wild deer (which I could not record at all).

Long story short, that was really a nice experience, taking care of your own horse is fun. I would recommend it (minus the straw night).

4 thoughts on “Horse trip

  1. Tellos

    Having hay fever I can’t imagine sleeping in a barn!! but thé horse part sounds awesome. Are they Still doing that kind of walk with lamas???

    1. KiKi Post author

      I guess they do. Lama walk is on my todo list as well… I bet lamas feet are less painful than horses’ ;)

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