Biking 2010

Last “long” weekend was a great opportunity for a bike trip. The first sunny weekday since a while. So we packed our camping kit on our bike and we went for a three days tripe lake.

First day

We left around midday with our bike on Saturday, but we had to stop by a shop for food supply. That took us a while and we actually left the city around 2 o’clock. For this trip we decided to go the opposite direction of everybody else so we headed to Yverdon. After a rough start in field (because I managed to get lost in my own homeland) we had a late lunch at Cortaillod’s beach. We almost left in a hurry though, because we realized we had no alcohol and shops were going to close pretty soon. So we went straight to the next shop, in Bevaix, to buy whisky (and water). On the way to Yverdon we met our first snake, pretty much flat, but since Luna didn’t saw many swiss snakes, it was worth a picture (not that nothing is not worth a picture…).

I more or less planned to sleep somewhere near Yverdon and, as usual, it was getting late, but we hopefully made it to Grandson, where we found a nice camping (nice people included). There we got a great spot right next to the lake for out tent and we had an explosive barbecue.


On Sunday morning I had a short but fun ride on a BMX track to wake me up and then we went for a bath at thermal swimming pool. It was a quite good start, but we left Yverdon it was actually getting pretty much hot and I could feel my arms and neck burning. We stopped at the natural park between Yverdon and Yvonand were we spotted our second snake, and many ducks. From there we kept riding without much trouble to Estavayer were we looked for a camping. The first one we tried was actually not a camping (!), the second one were absolutely full but luckily the third one was very welcoming (but on top of the hill). We chose a spot with a nice view on the sunset and went to grill more meat. Our second camping with barbecue ! Flawless victory !

The way home

On Monday we got up pretty early, which was a good idea because our home was still many kilometers ahead. We decided not to go back down the hill again and instead rode through fields. We came across a few animals, notably a wild deer running across our road in full sight ! Of course I was too slow to take any worth pictures of it, but Luna could watch it running toward the forest. Shortly after we found the perfect spot for our barbecue lunch (and exactly on time !). We grilled our last piece of chicken, ate our last apple and headed back home with full stomach. Our last encounters were tenth of frogs shouting in a river. We arrived home totally exhausted with heavy sunburns but happy nevertheless.

On that three days trip we rode about 35 kilometers per day, which is slightly more than last year if I remember well.

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PS: next time we will try not to miss the laundry day

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