After one day break (to get Luna’s new computer), we left in train to Davos for a week of hiking. As usual it started quite bad. We were on time for leaving, but the famous bridge we stopped to look at was actually wrapped in red cloth. It is under renovation till 2010. We took pictures anyway and will be back later if we are still around by then.

For this trip we tried to carry light backpacks so we didn’t take tents hence we slept in Youth Hostels. The one in Davos had shower and toilet in the six beds room, with nobody else than us. That made us start the trip with a good mood. Even though we could not contact the third caban so we left to the mountain not knowing where we would sleep two days later.

Backpacks were not not much comfortable at first and we had to get used to it. On the other hand the landscape was beautiful and we stopped many times for pictures. I just got a bit worried about time because our it took twice the time to reach the first checkpoint. We had lunch there, between cow poo, with extra salty Japanese instant noodles.

In spite of our extreme slowness we arrived on time for supper. We met there many mountain guys who all had super hiking shoes, ropes and mountain tools. What’s wrong with my sandals ? I guess we looked like total tourists, with no cash to pay the night and getting lost ten meters away from the caban in the morning. Anyway that was fun and we kept going to the next caban, which we fortunately could finally book the day before.

On more time we walked in beautiful landscapes, seeing almost nobody (was it the wrong path ?). And again at lunch time (14h00) I noticed we were twice as slow. At best we would arrive at 20h00-21h00 in the evening and as it got dark quite early we reckoned it would be better to change our plan and head for the next village. It was supposed to 1h30 walking, but we reached it only at 18h00 after suffering an extremely rough and unpleasant path along the car roads. Luckily the first half was nice.

From Sush we took a train to the extreme east of Switzerland, Santa Maria, were we wanted to sleep in a Youth Hostel. Unfortunately we were supposed to check-in before 19h00. It was 19h05. At the tourist information we found a list of hotels a few phone numbers. We picked one and call a lady who had a room to rent. She said it was free, but then looked a bit confused and told us it was not ok and made a few calls, and after a while we actually had an entire house for ourselves. Double bed, bathroom, kitchen, dinning room only for us, and no check-out time limit. That was much more than expected for a price of a single night in a hotel. We had candles dinner and slept well that night.

The next day we took a bus to go back to St-Moritz, but on the way we went of the bus at a random stop and had walk in the largest natural reserve of Switzerland. In natural reserved cow poo are replaced by chamois poo. So we had a lunch in chamois poo. All along the way we tried to stop wild animals, but couldn’t find any. That’s only at the next bus stop that we saw two of them, right under the main road. Weird places to be for wild animals but we could even take pictures. That made the our day.

We had two more walks planned, one near St-Moritz and the last one at 3500 meters high. I was kind of mocking Luna when she couldn’t go down stairs because of hurting legs, but the walk from St-Moritz was her revenge. I could not properly walk anymore and was a bit dizzy (probably didn’t drink enough). So we slightly shorten our walk and took a bus for the last part. Destination: Soglio, the village at the extreme South. That village has incredible small streets. Old and twisted like middle-age movies. Probably a must see for everybody going to this area.

On our way back to St.Moritz, I convinced Luna to give up the last walk because the weather forecast was not really good (and I was in pain). Instead of that, we finished our holiday in Pontresina’s swimming pool. Hot water and bubbles was exactly what we needed after three weeks of wander. And on our way home we, of course, had a short shopping session at Zurich Korean shop.

Overall it was really great holiday and I appreciate doing this kind of stuff with someone who keep cool even when we get lost, climb up and down mountains by mistake, walk beside cars on their road and somehow try follow an imaginary “path” through forests and cliffs :-)

2 thoughts on “Hiking

  1. Martouf

    Les sandales c’est très bien !
    Non mais !
    Il y a à peine plus d’un mois je me baladais aussi en sandales dans les environs d’une cabane au valais. Mais bon.. c’était après avoir enlevé mes chaussures de marches. Tout dépend du terrain. Là c’était un peu trop rocailleux pour les sandales.

    Par contre dimanche, pour aller à notre torée familiale à côté du rocher de tablette, là les sandales étaient très bien comme chaussure. C’est l’idéal dans les pâturages.

    En tout cas, jolies photos, ça avait l’air d’être une jolie balade !
    C’est une source d’eau ferrugineuse que l’on voit en orange ? C’est ça que t’as pas l’air d’aimer luna ? :P

  2. KiKi Post author

    Tout à fait d’accord pour les sandales, l’avantage étant qu’après avoir marché dans une belle beuse de vache, tu n’as qu’a marcher un peu dans la rivière pour tout laver en un clin d’oeil ;-)

    C’était effectivement une source d’eau bizarre à St.Moritz. Et je confirmes le goût est très … particulier. J’éspères que ses bienfaits sont à la hauteur de son mauvais goût ;)

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