Swiss timing

As everyone knows swiss people are on time. The least we can expect from watches country, isn’t it ? However, as I sold my car recently, I now commute by trains and has to be always on time if I don’t want to miss hot meals waiting for me at home. Or so I thought…

Half train

Lately trains timing was actually pretty much disappointing, because of snow and some roadwork (and bad luck?). I actually never missed a train for being late in train station, but I missed several connections now and then. Staying in the dark, cold night with only my hunger to forget my boreness.

What I thought was the worst case started when the connection train was late. Usually, it already is there when I arrive, so I just hop in and wait a few minutes before it leaves. But that day the train was missing. I didn’t worry much, closed my jacket and started freezing. The train eventually showed up at the time he was supposed to leave. I should have suspected something, but there was no other choice than get in and hope for the best.

The train started to move about 15 minutes later to immediately stop. A voice announced there was technical issue that had to be resolved before we could really leave. So we waited.

A few commuters started to worry and tried to get off only to notice that doors were locked (even though we were still in the train station). The voice repeated a few times that the issue would be fixed as soon as possible. So we waited.

Eventually the voice let us know that “the first half of the train already left and we will do our best to leave”. That totally felt like the first half abandoned us there. So sad. At that time I gave up all hope to leave anytime soon and thought I’d take next train. However we actually left quite quickly afterward. But still we were almost one hour late.

Chocolate train

A few days later, as I came back around midnight, the train stopped in the middle of nowhere. The magical voice came up and told us that “an issue which cannot be fixed happened. We cannot continue. We will let you know what to do soon”. As I remembered my first experience I got comfortable for a long waiting session.

Suddenly all lights were switched off. People panicked a bit. A girl started mumbling in the dark. With the snow falling outside, that was pretty freaky. I wished Luna came picked me up, but road were snowy and probably more dangerous than mumbling girl and Luna doesn’t have any car anyway.

Luckily the lights switched on and the train left. That wasn’t even that long to wait. Almost disappointed no to have zombies attacking our train by night :P

Anyway as I almost forgot these adventures I was half sleeping, half sleeping (that is pretty much totally sleeping) in a wagon one morning when I’ve been waken up by some incredibly merry voice. – How come the controller is so happy? – When I hardly opened my eyes I noticed a girl handing out a Black Ragusa and some paper. That was actually a gift from CFF to apologies for recent incidents. Sweet ! I forgive everything for black chocolate.

Booking time

Last week, after the awesome chocolate bar, I was sitting in the train when I’ve been told that the train was canceled (as for all other train to home) because there was a “people accident”. So commuters had take another train, via Fribourg and Bern. That forced touristic tour costed me 1.5 hours without my blonde. That’s a lot.

20'000 books ordered by color


All that time wasted waiting reminded me I should bring a book, so I could at least do something else than stare at my feet (which are nice). Luna actually stole my DS to read eBooks at school (or on the way to school, not sure which one is right). So she basically downloaded all Korean books she wanted to read. That’s actually a great idea so we don’t have to pay to import them.

She told me she downloaded more than 20’000 books. That is 55 years reading one book per day. Maybe a bit much. Maybe I’ll have to download 20’000 french books so I don’t get bored for our next 55 years of happy wedding. At least she cannot order them by color.

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  1. Duc

    Nice post. I like the style, I’m feeling in the train with you while reading this.

    I put a link to your site on my front page.

    See you. Duc.

    1. KiKi Post author

      Thanks, I appreciate feedback (especially when they are positive ;) ). I saw you got trapped by Erlang, good luck to you :)

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