Time for blogging

Because maintaining the old website was getting too much work for so little advantages. And because our desires changed, we may write more stories and publish pictures with more ease. I decided to switch to a well-known tool to avoid waste of work and hopefully use the saved time to write more stories.

I’m not quite sure what I’ll write here, but I’ll try to use this website as a kind of diary (what blogs supposedly are). That means it may get pretty boring to read for strangers. However I don’t want to write “omg-today-i-went-to-the-mall” kind of post. It will hopefully be two or three posts per months for me to keep trace of what is going on in my life. No complaining posts either, because I have nothing to complain about. I already got pretty much everything I will ever need.

Oh, by the way I chose to write in english, because I actually like this language and that may keep me trained. I will do mistakes, so if any readers want to help, please correct me.